Piece By Piece

TRT 15min
Directors: Isaiah Allekotte, Grace Rathbone-Webber, Sachi Schuricht, Emma Thatcher
Festivals screened: Tribeca Film Festival, April 2007; South By Southwest Film Festival, March 2007
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Piece By Piece is a short documentary about the resurgence of the Rubik’s Cube and, specifically, the practice of speedcubing. Meet one of the original creators of a well-known speedcubing algorithm and the 1982 Swedish Speedcubing champion. Meet a speedcubing couple, and hear about the cube’s power to impress women. Watch different types of speedcubing, including one-handed cubing and the extra-large 5-by-5 cube. Whether they are 11 years old or 31, clean-cut or covered in tattoos, these different chracters will entertain as they explain what goes on inside their heads as they solve the cube.